Chobe game viewing vehicles

Game Drives

Bakwena is the proud owner of four game vehicles allowing extended drives to suit guests and the chance to linger longer at game sightings. Early bird and sedate afternoon drives ensure every box is ticked. Experienced guides with extensive knowledge of the Chobe National Park provide an entertaining and educational addition to your safari.

Boat Cruises

There are boat cruises then there are Chobe cruises. Exquisite and beyond comparison the Chobe river boasts one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the planet. Float in a 24 seater Noah’s Ark past every creature on this continent great and small. Time stands still, mirages of herds of elephant swimming and predators in slow motion. Salute the break of dawn with a strong brewed coffee or swirl gin and tonic at the pace of a setting sun.

Village Walkabout

In the words of Bakwena’s Adam Young “The cultural exchange is a means for us to break down a social barrier, transforming us into a ‘we’ based community.” Unlike the majority of developing countries Botswana has no slum areas. Integration rather than segregation is a way of life here just as human and wildlife conflict is reduced through day to day co-existence. There is a tangible sense of integrity that sets this country apart. Through its government policies and conservation initiatives Botswana has raised the bar for fellow Africans.

Pedal Power

Pedal Power

With 20 Cruiser bikes built for comfort Bakwena guests can safely enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of Africa. The sense of personal freedom and space is worth the effort, not to mention the excitement of seeing an elephant enroute! Tour the neighbouring village with a guide or on your own.